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Saturday, 17 March 2012

No Peace in War

Assalamualaikum !

Today , I found something from Google that was could remember for those who lived in Vietnam . About the war between America - Vietnam . I feel so sympathy when I looked at the video in Youtube . But , the truly that was touching my heart is the tragedy on Saigon , 'Napalm Bomb' . When the plane just dropped the bomb , all the villagers run with burned skin . I saw on the video , the children runaway without any clothes and cried along the road to find their family . They are innocent people , but why they also must be the victim ? 

There is one video also make me feel so sympathy , the protest on Saigon road . The Buddhist monk burned himself to show the protest . He not give some reaction when his body was on fire like there is such no a pain on him . No shouted and no cry . Just silent . It was truly amazing to me when I watched that video . 

I hope there were no war again such as the Vietnam and America . But , there was still has a war between the other countries like the Jewish and the Palestinians , South Korean and North Korean . Haahh , there will be more of dead bodies . So, the conclusion that I can do is 'there were no peace in war even you want to find a peace in war'  . For those who want to have a peacefully in your life , be tolerance and respect each other .

 k-Bye!! ♥ Love ya!! Saranghaeyo!! Aishiteru!!  

Makasehh , coz sudi baca . Nanti Daus belanja , okeyh .


  1. well, glad to read an esei that you write in english.Well done;)


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