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Thursday, 22 December 2011

From my heart .

Did I disappointed you or let you down ? Do I have feel the guilt with my mistake ? I have seen the end before we begun but I wouldn't tell you . Because I know that you be feeling harder to accept it . What I have to do now ? Should I silence and just look it sail away ? No one will answer it except only myself answer it . Would you cry if you know the truth ? Would I see again your smile if you know the truth ? Please tell me this . No matter how it hard to accept , I must tell you the truth . I can't change it anymore because it too late . But I don't want to losing you from my life . Would you swear to me that you always be mine ? Would you swear that you always loving me ? Now , I don't care what happen will done but I still love you . 

( I feel wanna cry this night . Hahaaa . This is my first story in English . I write this story with my 'subconsciousness' << It mean 'lubuk hati' (from google translate)>> When I check it back , there's so such a lot of mistake << Ini pon silap gak . Nasib baik ada translator . So , for the correction I just go to google translate . Hahaa>>. I write this because I just want to improve my English subject . In coming soon , I don't want any help anymore either to you 'Google Translate'!! I will write it to the end then I will check it back where did I wrong and I will ask from friend , Hadi Mustaqim . I hope that he not laugh to me . AHAHAHA! )  

< Just leave the comment if had a wrong from my very short story >

K-Bye!! Love Ya!! Saranghaeyo<3!! Aishiteru!! 

Makasehh , coz sudi baca . Nanti Daus belanja , okeyh .

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